Are We Still in Love with Subway Tile? Hint: YES!

What is it about these white rectangles, which debuted more than 100 years ago, that obsesses modern homeowners?  There are many answers to this question!  Subway tile is a go-to because it pairs easily with so many different styles.  It has become a neutral in our industry that goes with anything.  It’s almost like investing in low-risk stock it is so timeless.  It isn’t going to date itself.  Designers are continuing to reinterpret the classic look with variations on the tiles’ size, texture, and color.  When it comes to grout, experts agree that choosing something darker will take your design in a more modern and industrial direction.  And fans of HGTV’s “Fixer Upper” saw the Gaines family use subway tile from the floor to the ceiling of their Parisian-inspired cupcake café.  In the words of Joanna Gaines, “I liked subway tile 10 years ago, and I will like it for years to come”.

Enjoy being creative with your subway tile designs!!

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