Houzz research says that for most people, the choices often boil down to granite or quartz.  2 out of 5 homeowners choose one of these 2 surfaces.  If you’re like me, you like low maintenance, so you would choose quartz.  Granite needs to be sealed upon installation and then again on a regular basis.  Granite stains if subjected to red wine. 

There are no right or wrong answers.  The right answer is which surface is best for you!  Here is a listing of some pros & cons for each surface:


PROS:  It has longevity, is available in wide slabs, it costs less, it’s a natural beauty.

CONS:  It’s porous, it requires more maintenance, there aren’t any “clean” styles, and it’s brittle.


PROS:  It’s low-maintenance, it’s stronger than natural stone, it’s in high demand, it offers consistent & clean styles.

CONS:  It’s more expensive, it isn’t suitable for outdoor installations, slabs of the same color always look the same, & it’s not 100% natural.

In my opinion, they are both excellent options!  Which do you prefer?  Happy decorating!!

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